Meet Our Staff


Dan Jespersen

Since 1964

Owner - Pharmacist

W.I.T. (whatever it takes)

"My real goal is to provide an atmosphere where people enjoy coming, and where we can develop long-term relationships with them."


Janice Jespersen

Since 1973

Servant Leader/Co-Owner

"Desiring to be a faithful steward of what God has entrusted to us by serving the needs of people. My goal is to 'let our light so shine before others that they would see our good deeds and glorify God.'" - Matthew 5:16


Diana Caruth

27 years


"Here at Ben Franklin Apothecary people are like family. I love the flexibility of being able to work at home, I am able to work and be around my grandchildren which has been wonderful."


Jerry Boyd

8 years

Receiving/Delivery Driver/Store Front Employee

"What I love most about Ben Franklin Apothecary are the people I work with and the customers I have come to know."


Gary Fadeley

6 years

Delivery Driver/Deli Employee/Handyman

"The people are friendly, we are like family. Come join our family!"


Chris Dargin

13 years

Relief Pharmacist

"What I love most about Ben Franklin Apothecary is the feeling of being at home."

IMG_6186 (1).jpg

Rosilanda Ann Burton

10 years

Pharmacy Assistant Manager (Help manage the pharmacy.)

"At Ben Franklin Apothecary I enjoy being able to get to know the patients and build long lasting friendships. I appreciate my employees and coworkers for their hard work in everything they do. The work and life balance at Ben Franklin Apothecary allows me to tend to my family needs when needed. I also enjoy bringing my daughter to the quilt shop to get one on one quilting/sewing lessons from Mrs. Rägi Marino."


Cynthia Black

23 years

Pharmacy Tech

"My bosses are amazing and they genuinely care about you as a person. I like to input prescriptions and help the customers. I also like seeing all of the new products come in and the seasons change with the decor."


Florine Silmon

19 years

Compounding Pharmacy Technician

"I enjoy working each day at Ben Franklin Apothecary. Each day is different, there's never a day that is the same."


Kelsey Kenig

10 years

Pharmacy Tech

"As the only original grandchild of the founders, currently working at Ben Franklin Apothecary, I take pride in my work. I worked in the deli during high school and college breaks for about four years. After I graduated college I started as a pharmacy tech at Ben Franklin and have worked in the pharmacy for six years. Some of my favorite things include the loaded potato with turkey (No bacon. I'm picky, they'll tell you ;)) and seeing all the items that come in at the front - mainly Christmas decorations."

IMG_1672 (1).jpg

Mary Adams

9 years

Pharmacy Tech

"I love my fellow co-workers and our customers."


Ivette Marquez

7 years

Pharmacy Tech

"I love the fact I get to know my customers so well that they start to become family and friends outside of these doors."


Teresa Hansen

2 years

My role is to," see a need, fill a need", and to smile A LOT!

"In a world of confusion and rudeness, it is a blessing to enter a store like Ben Franklin Apothecary, where peace resides; where everyone is welcomed with a sincere smile and greeting; where you feel at home - part of a family. Our mission statement says, ...we glorify God by serving others. It is an honor and pleasure to work for the Jespersen family, serving my friends and neighbors, and most of all serving and glorifying God every day."


Patricia A. Chisholm

12 years

Store Front Employee

"I love to meet the needs of our Christian based customers, through Ben Franklin Apothecary a Christian based family store. I enjoy greeting people before and after their visit, and making sure they are appreciated, and welcomed/invited back to visit our store again. A lot of the time, people don't even know how they bless me! I give God all the praise for my job! It is my happy place! Thank you Dan and Janice."

IMG_1859 (1).jpg

Rägi Marino

4 years

Quilt Shop Expert and Advocate

"I am our sewing, crochet, knitting, and quilting instructor. I bring an exemplary level of professionalism and expertise to the quilt shop. I enjoy our customers and my classes."


Sharon Rodgers

Several Months

Dip Queen/Store Front Employee

"Ben Franklin Apothecary is a happy place. Friendly people and great services are the reason why this store stands out among others."


Pat Whitten

Several Months

Sales Consultant/Volunteer

"After my husband John passed away in 2018, I found myself needing something to do. Serving others at Ben Franklin Apothecary is something I love to do. At 82 years old, know you are never too old to work."


Sarah Nelson

2 years

Store Front Employee/Occasional Deli Employee

"I love how friendly the storefront people are, the cute clothing items, and that I find cute "finds" that I can't find anywhere else."

IMG_1853 (1).jpg

Érica Woodell

Several Months

Store Front Employee

"I enjoy the family atmosphere at Ben Franklin Apothecary. I love that this is a Christian run store. I enjoy meeting new people and helping customers find just the right item for them."


Sandra Ann Riggs

11 years

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"Inside of Kitchen's Deli I bake pies (close to 200 pies during Thanksgiving), I'm the main chef for the chicken salads and tuna salad. I love that Ben Franklin Apothecary is a family oriented business and everyone acts like family."

IMG_1809 (1).jpg

Brian Vaughn

3 years

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"I enjoy the fast pace work environment inside of Kitchen's Deli, and all the friendly faces that come in a daily basis makes working here an experience unlike any other."


Frances Perdomo

8 years

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"When I interact with Ben Franklin Apothecary customers and employees, everyone is very friendly. The friendliness brings out the best in me. I love to serve others, thus I enjoy Kitchen's Deli most!"


John Woodell

Several Months

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"Inside of Kitchen's Deli I work behind the counter, primarily as a 'soda jerker.' At Ben Franklin Apothecary I enjoy getting to work as a part of a team and build relationships with all my coworkers."


Charles Seals

Several Months

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"Inside of Kitchen's Deli I run the register, take out orders to our customers, answer phones about orders or deliveries, and prepare food for our busy hectic work days. What I love most about Ben Franklin Apothecary is that I have the opportunity of meeting interesting people."

IMG_1842 (1).jpg

Abigail Woodell

1 year

Kitchen's Deli Employee

"It honestly feels like last blast from the past inside of Kitchen's Deli."