Ben Franklin Apothecary – Duncanville, TX

Our People

One of the things often said is "At Ben Franklin, the difference is people." This stems from our belief that people are important to our business! Not only do we want to value and serve our customers, we want to value and serve our employees as well. It's our firm belief that besides God's blessing, the people of Ben Franklin are the most valuable and important asset of our family owned business. We strive to treat each person with dignity, respect, love and kindness, and over the years, our people have developed a reputation for their friendliness and unselfish attitude. Having the right people is the most important decision we can make. As an employee at Ben Franklin, you are a part of a family.






At Ben Franklin's we value:

People with a Servant's Heart.

  • Treat others in the way that they would like to be treated.
  • Are grateful for opportunities to serve.
  • Are grateful for opportunities to serve.

People with a Learner's Spirit.

  • Realize the importance of their job and how their performance impacts the company's overall success and reputation.
  • Bring energy, encouragement and enthusiasm to their work.
  • Are problem-solvers. Each employee must be able to see beneath the surface of a problem to find the root, cause and solution.

People with Excellent Character.

  • Are committed to act with integrity.
  • Recognize right from wrong and then demonstrate a willingness to do what is right.
  • Encourage others to grow and develop character while growing themselves.